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LED replacements for H4 bulbs


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A general enquiry if I may…

Has anyone any experience of the LED bulbs from Better Car Lighting to use in place of H4 bulbs?

For my Dolomite Sprint I have new Hella outer units and secondhand XJ40 inners,
which I am confident will give good illumination.

However I am concerned about the load on the alternator as I will be continually running a
Stewart electric coolant pump and an electric fuel pump (for EFI).
From experience I know a standard 16ACR alternator struggles to cope with
main beam combined with such things as the heater and heated back window….
I do already have a more powerful alternator to try out.


My thinking right now is to try what I have first and see how it does?





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Not me, but 2 cars I often "tour" with (2.5pi and stag, so same headligh setup as the sprint)

2.5pi has teh Philips LED H4s, the Stga has Classiccarleds. 

Both love them, and I can attest they are BRIGHT. 

Tim Hunt (done more RBRRs than anybody else) has some cheapish LEDs in his TR4, and is very happy with them. 

So I would say any decent quality ones will be great. And appear to last OK. My gut feeling would be to avoid any that rely on a built in cooling fan, that seems an idea doomed to fail at some point.

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Hi Ian,

The expensive LED H4's  are very good. 

1/10th current draw. Very bright with good  cut-off / shape.

However before spending a fortune consider the Chinese Cheapo's  

Have a look here LED   These are the style that Tim Hunt and myself use and they are excellent - apprx £25




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Thank you guys for your input.

A few years ago I saw photos posted on Facebook by a Dolomite enthusiast 
in the Netherlands of beam patterns from LED bulbs fitted to a T2000,
these showed that they bulbs were indeed bright but had poor lighting patterns,
so much so that they were not only incapable of MOT standard but gave
less road illumination than H4s.

It is reassuring that the technology  is much  improved now.


 Thanks again  




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