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High tech “security “

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He makes a good point at the end of the article:


King wants manufacturers to give drivers the option to disable hi-tech fobs and return to simpler security that is harder to hack.

“Are we that lazy that we cannot press a button on a key fob or turn a key if it protects us?,” he asked.

Answer: yes. 

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27 minutes ago, JohnD said:

His wife's key code was stolen as she used it outside their home.  How is keeping the key in the microwave going to help?

If someone is able to intercept the key code when you use it, there’s not a lot you can do (technology unfit for purpose IMO).

The microwave trick is intended to stop the use of equipment that spoofs the key into giving up its secrets.

However, if you need to keep the key in a faraday pouch, in a metal box, in a microwave to prevent this, once again, the technology is unfit for purpose.

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I'll say!   But like the way that scamming always comes up with new targets.

Over on TRR, an 'offer' featured of a hand portable laser rust remover for £25!   One born every minute!

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