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Neat! But possibly quite rubbish, of course... 

I've been messing around with a TIG set over the last few months and there are a lot of variables, and my welder has a lot of settings you can mess around with to suit whatever work. There don't look to be any controls on that welder apart from current, which is pretty limiting.

Stick welding is a more straightforward, or so my mate tells me, I haven't tried it yet.

For TIG you'd need to get a cylinder of argon, plus tungstens and filler rod. And a mask and gloves of course, either way. 

Personally I kept an eye out on ebay for 2nd hand welders, and ended up paying only slightly more than the Lidl option for an R-Tech TIG/MMA (as used on Trev's Blog youtube channel). It is bigger though, you can't sling it over your shoulder like a handbag!

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37 minutes ago, Hamish said:


Ok I know that it won’t be that robust

i know I can’t weld

would it be a foolish purchase to learn with ? To sort those little jobs where you just wished you had a welder ?

is it safe to use a 16 to 13amp fly lead ?




 Save your money with a BS 6363 to BS1363 converter. Just fit a BS1363 plug with a 13A brown BS1362 Fuse.



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Well, that puts me in the right class.    I wouldn't know that DC-only was an alloy no-no!

I was contemplating a TiG course, which would put me in a higher stream.  Anyone down one? 

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I have a half share in a TIG welder. A used but still expensive AC/DC one. And I still can’t weld aluminium because I’m too crack-handed.

TIG welding is rather harder to pick-up than MIG - unless you are already practiced at gas welding.

My experience with Lidl Parkside tools is that they are rather better than you might expect for the price.

Personally I think you’ll do better spending a similar sum on a half-decent but used MIG. Still gas, regulator etc to buy either way which will be nearly the same again.

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