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Citroen C5 Mk2 advice needed


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The driver's door mirror is loose!   The bolt or bolts are coming undone.

I need to get under the internal door trim to tighten them, but can see no screws etc that hold the trim on.

Anyone have a C5 Mk2  and can advise me please?



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Posted (edited)

And Lo! It is done! 

First I went to Halfords and bought a set of plastic trim levers, with hard, wide tips to avoid scarring the trim.  The sandwich box is just to keep them together in the tool drawer.


With those, the trim started to come off easily, revealing the two (just TWO!) screws that secure it to the door.


Then the switches had to be removed - they all lever out with the plastic tools and their multiway plugs disconnected, no messing about with Lucars and trying to interpret the wire colours, it's click and connect, or disconnect!    The interior door trim then just unclicks from the door.


That reveals THE BOLT!   It's a tiny 5mm (?) jobbie, looks far too puny to hold on that great mirror binnacle!   And it's very long, so long that the tip is level with the interior door surface.    I suppose that makes it easier to install the mirror, but it's so long that even with a deep socket (13mm), the bolt tip prevent the wrench drive engaging.  I can't run the socket.   Hmmmmmmmm!     But I never throw anything away, and I have tucked at the back of the drawer a set of tubular spanners, Imperial, but surely one will do?


And it does!    Nut tight, Mirror secure, trim and switches re-fitted, any everything works!  Whole job took about an hour.

Thanks Nick and everyone else for the steer!


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