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TR4A Two Speed Wiper Switch 35521A


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It is well known that the above switch can't be used if you wish to fit the TR6 14W motor to your 4 or 4A.

I like a challenge

It can be done. It is easy   But you need to  be brave - tin snips at the ready

 It requires opening up the switch and cutting a copper switch track

Read    HERE

I'll be doing a live test within the hour but works with a test meter.



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Good work. Switch looks similar to the Vitesse headlight switch.

A feature I’d very much like to add to my cars is a separate stalk in reach of hands on the wheel with momentary action to be used to activate the auto-park circuit for a single sweep.

Trust your test goes as desired!!

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Hi Folks,

I have edited my TRR post and included RobH's relay

Any 12V DC SPDT would do. I used an RS Components relay  533-0823  @ £1.58  HERE

It now does what it should do.

Many thanks to Rob for his relay idea.



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Hi Folks,

I have now installed the 4A switch + relay and it works well.

The relay needs to sit on the lefthand side (nearside) of the switch as there isn't a great deal of room on the ignition side

My relay is strapped with a cable tie to the switch body

So as to ensure the relay pins are not under strain I fitted the relay to a small piece of Vero board (strip board, Perf board).

I was not counting on the relay when I first looked into this Mod' but I am thankful to Rob for coming to the rescue. 

At the end of the day I now have an 'original' switch doing a good job with a superior motor.

If anybody has trouble sourcing the RS Comps relay that contact me and I can get them



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