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Hel braded hoses

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Just had a set of Hel braded hoses turn up for my spitfire (1972 late, wide axle mk4) and there are only 3 hoses.  My car certainly has 4 hoses, but the HEL kit for a mk4 states it's a 3 hose kit.  Is this their mistake, or do I have a modified setup?  I can't actually work out how a 3 hose kit would even work.  Surely with independent suspension front an back you'd need 4 flexible hoses?

I suspect my answer is to send back the HEL kit and purchase a kit from one of the triumph specialists, but I'm intrigued as to how a 3 hose kit would work.  I'm obviously blind to an incorrect assumption I've made!

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A live axle, solid, on cart springs or trailings, would need one flexible from chassis to axle.   So three hoses - two front, one rear.

But yes, any car with IRS needs four!  So Hel have the wrong info.


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Thanks all. Nice to know I'm not going mad. I'm still waiting back on a response from hel via the company I bought from.  At least I've still 101 jobs to do on the car so I'm not exactly in a rush for these!

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