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Cantilever Garden Umbella

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Hello All

             A change from Spain and EFI

Our garden umberella sat in the middle of a table but that means it only covers half depending on sun angle etc!

So I thought I will get one of those Fancy ones but the cheap ones looked rubbish and the good ones made my eyes water at the Price!!!

So I thought we have an old umberella and I have some tubes from an old car tent so here is the result!

It can be swung through 360degs but 200 would be over the dogs run!

Roger and the Shaded Memsahib

ps I have at least 3 more sets of tubes the same shall I go into production?





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47 minutes ago, Hamish said:

That’s ace

Hello Hamish

                      And cheap/Free

I have shortened the arm since photo to reduce the over hang as it was not shading the right area!

As I said I have 3 more sets so if it is a C***K up I can adjust another!

I saw some have leds lights now there is a thought!!!

Roger and the Shade Memsahib

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