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Aintree and Curborough weekend

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Busy weekend due - so last minute prep and checks - tyre pressures mostly !!!:blush:

aintree on Saturday with the tr register champs

and Sunday - with another tyre change is Curborough 2 lapper rather than fig 8 ( I fear I’ll go into fig 8 mode !!!!) on Sunday with classic marques

fingers crossed for dry conditions


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Thanks guys

today (Sunday) is a Curborough 2 lap course with classic marques. A big entry with plenty of what I class as moderns and a complicated handicap and from past event I know I won’t feature. 
but the weather forecast is good so looking forward to some track action. 

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Great weather sunny and dry but very windy. 
I ended up with a personal best time for the 2 lapper and 7th in a class of 22 so pleased with that as I think I was the oldest car at the event.  The winner in the class was in a modern Porsche then v8 t r etc.

I hope to have a couple of videos for aintree and Curborough I’ll make them short with possibility of under bonnet carb action ? If the camera worked ( not checked yet)
less interesting than the tyre but hopefully informative?

I did have to add lighting !! 




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I know I owe you guys a couple of videos. 
aintree will be short and less technical as it will include a wet run where I had to try and look round the aero screen to see. 

Curborough WILL  have under bonnet view of the back of the carbs as per above. 
less interesting than the tyre video but you can see the throttle lever working overtime. 

different numbers on different events is a pain but I was creative and had a Blue Peter moment with sticky back plastic, well Aldi black gaffer tape in my case, to convert the numbers, nobody could tell :laugh: my skills match any of you wizards - NOT ……..

I have my first visit to Shelsely walsh this year on Saturday. 
I would like that to be dry !



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