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Spain Holiday

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Hello Nick 

                 We are hoping for more of the same and looking for the roads on the map with green next to them and view points(its not Rocket Science anybody can do it just be a bit brave and think outside the box as they say(what ever that means?)

Roger and the Memsahib

ps I could become an alcoholic here on the cheap and still drink good wine not industrial meths!!!

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Hello All 

             Just a taster of today but off out for Vino and Tapas!

Last 3 from Doss house window and Spitty in a garage of her own! (with a photo of Spa eu rouge on the wall!)





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Hello All

              Off to Avila tomorrow (walled town) and another house with garage for Spitty!

We have enjoyed Zamora and would say stay a have a look if in the area.

Spitty had to rough it in a garage on her own but spa pic on the wall!

Roger and the memsahib

Ps we have covered 700 miles from home and at 650 Spitty was had averaged 48mpg and I have altered the fuel table to richer but the last fill up was 98 and She likes it !

Is 50MPG in site?













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Hello All

              We could not get the Wifi to work at Avila

!st a report on Spitty on the way to Avila it was F****ng Hot and Spitty started to run very lean so I started using 98 stuff(give the old girl a Treat?)

I tweeked the map a bit at Zamora but I also realised we have been on a high plane all the time (min 3500ft to 4000+ft)

So I a m wordering it the 2nd sensor is doing its job or set right?

But I think that Smart Alec NICK is probably right about my maps as I had given the ECU 12% authority and kept tweaking the map leaner?

But the Table was looking for 14.5ish

So I did a radical Change (guess) and have ritchend the map in the main areas I could see weak and reduced the authority to 8%

We have driven to Soria now having driven 170miles still high up(3500/4000ft)

But Spitty is much happier(and Me!) and is only lean in a few areas but not much and often on light throttle

We filled up again as we got here and have covered 1005miles from home

We have used 92.8lt (20.44 galls) = 49.1MPG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! allmost as good as an electric car and oil on dip stick was 1 mark down at Avila!

Now a Holiday report !

When we got to Avila we was all Hot and Touchy and had to find a traffic free steet you can drive down to the garage???

So after a few false starts(getting Hotter!) This nice young man told me down this steet and though the tunnel?

So Numpty drove down the street and turned into a nice archway and along and young people were cheering and taking photos and one stopped and said I was on the pedestrian way the tunnel was the next one down(See Photo)

We drove across the Plaza the get out?

So now a few photos

Roger and the Memsahib

ps the Bride is well you guess?

pps the Aircraft was in the middle of a road island in I think Salamanca



















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Hello All

             The 1st photo was the arch we drove thought to digs it Zamora!

Roger and the Memsahib after a nice meal and bottle fizz at £69 for b&b & evening meal plus about £8 for fizz all good in my book

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Hello All

               We are now at Camping Castillo de Loarre (NO NOT CAMPING)

We are in a Chalet with all mod cons and Spitty parked at the side and in view of the The Castillo de Loarre

We passed through an area and I think the wind turbines had self seeded!

We were in the middle of them (see photos) and at a very rough count we could see 200+

Then a bit farther on I spotted a Dam (well you can guess the rest?)

Yes we drove over it (see photos)

We had a stop for coffee etc and filled Spitty with 98 stuff again then went passed our Camp Site to the Castillo de Loarre.

We had a good look around and a glass of Vino (see photo) before back to Camp Site which we think is an old olive grove?

What do you think of the Vino view? Can you beat it on a chance encounter?

Roger and the Memsahib

Ps Spitty has averaged 49.47mpg (even after richening the maps??)

Pps I have richened it a bit more as I could still see a few lean spots and we are up in the Pyrenees tomorrow!






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Hello All (Wednesday)

                                     We are now in Canfranc having stopped at the Station for refreshments and a look at the restoration work (must dig out a photo from last time we were here to compare!)

It was only a short run of about 65miles.

Spitty seems ok most of the time but still a bit lean at times in certain areas?

I have this theory it may be the heat at times as has been in the mid Thirties and more most of the time!

When I put Spitty onto ITB’s I fitted the in tank pump in the near side of the tank and the old return goes down into the tank to near the bottom on the near side!

So I am thinking some times she is getting hot petrol when moving slow or after standing in the heat!

As the fuel cooler would not be doing much and it may not be in the best position to get cooling air?

Off up over the Pyrenees Tomorrow!

Roger and the Memsahib

Ps Anther nice Vino View (except the cars!)


















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Hello All

               We are now Javier(Xavier) having driven up the Somport pass (4790feet)

We could see remains of the railway line as we came down the Frog side.

We then climbed up the Col De La Pierre Saint Martin pass (5775feet)

Poor old Spitty got very hot under the collar and us! but the views were good.

It was a nice rundown the other side to Javier and the Hotel which is opposite the Castle

We think the temperature was 38 degs today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are going across country to just passed Logrono about 100 miles tomorrow.

Roger and the Memsahib


















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Hello All

             I forgot to say yesterday as we were leaving Canfranc station 2 construction workers were walking passed and one was a nice young lady and she said beautiful car and can I take a photo of you in it and I said how about a photo of you in it and at first she was confused but then a big smile broke out on her face and she climbed into Spitty and her co worker took several photos it is as close to winning the lottery as she will get any time soon!

Roger and the Memsahib

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I love to share that joy. 
often let  kids sit in the car in the paddock. Typically after a quiet “don’t touch” from mum or dad. I ask the parent if the child would like too ? They are often so pleased after the parent has taken pics. 

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2 hours ago, Hamish said:

I love to share that joy. 
often let  kids sit in the car in the paddock. Typically after a quiet “don’t touch” from mum or dad. I ask the parent if the child would like too ? They are often so pleased after the parent has taken pics. 

Yes to this. I remember it happening to me as a child and it's so nice to share

Best one for me was the car full of kids when I stopped in Prague to ask directions.

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