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Nice looking car, something dodgy about the listing?

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Decidedly odd, if not dodgy, quite apart from the ridiculous price being bid.

Pics include a promotional handout from  what appears to be a firm called "Autolistings", as if set up to sell peoples cars for them online.   But "Autolistings" is a Wordpress wallpaper, aka 'plugin', see: Auto Listings – Car Listings & Car Dealership Plugin for WordPress – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org that anyone can use.   And that encourages you to contact the seller at a non-eBay address, quite outside eBay rules.

On the eBay page, the location of the car is listed as "Item location:St, Uk, United Kingdom"!   Ain't no such place.

Finally, the seller is said to have been a 'member' of eBay since 2004, OK, and with a feedback profile of 49 positives with no neutrals or negatives in the last two years.    ALL of those are for things that "four$" has bought, not sold.

Good spot Colin, your gut feeling is correct, methinks!


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I tried to, for this, but eBay won't let you say "Dodgy listing, because of ....."    You have to choose from their lists of possible transgressions.     I quoted the inviatation to deal off ebay, which should offend them mightily.

Hamish, or me, it's gone now!


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Escadrille Ecosse said:

Do you know if it makes any difference Hamish?

Yes I am sure it does. 
I always do some of their other listings. Probably 1/2 dozen which I think triggers for eBay to look closer. 
I highlight 

listing practices 


Fraudulent listing activities 


You suspect listing practices are fraudulent 


seems to work.


these “sellers”  steal someone account ID

then steal listing item photos etc the descriptions always give the game away as they are identical. 

they tend to have the same strange location typically 

Uk as part of it capitol U small k

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