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Current Date, but xy years ago


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since I do have a Microsoft One Drive, it shows me pictures every day from the actual date, but what was on that date, xy years ago.

Memories. Some I will share, as related to the car hobby. 

Here a start. Stoneleigh Tour 2013, loading parts, at a friends court on a Saturday. No the gearbox and engine not, but the body parts all went in. And on Sunday to Stoneleigh :) .

Praise the Volvo V70. :bow:





V70 loading stonel 2013.jpg

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I have a "FireStick", a Google device that allows me to see the iPlayer (other streaming services are available) on my TV.  Great!   But it shocked me, when I put it into 'Pause' mode one day while I went out to make a cuppa.   Normally, it shows a still image of the prog you are watching, but after a awhile it shows a generic image, a country scene for instance.

But I left it for a bit longer. Maybe I was toasting some crumpets or something, but when I came back there was a different image on the TV.   Me.   What was more more, me from nearly ten years ago!   

It was an image from 2012, the London Olympics!    Teeth of the Gods!  I have those on my PC, but how has my TV got them?   

It has, through Google Gallery, which stores, without asking, anything you photograph on a web connected device!  Spooky, and a bit threatening!




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We are under control. I hate these Cookies. You cannot escape them. You open fleabay and get offers closely related to some google searches you did some days ago.

Stoneleigh 2012 my One Drive tells me. Nice wheels.



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This was Old Blue, my first racing season, 1996, on the Mountain at Cadwell.

It's on my PC, but I'm sure that it's a scan of an actual photograph, long gone.


Even before that, here's pics of the restoration, that became race-prep.


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14 minutes ago, RogerH said:

Although I wasn't there the TITANIC bumped into an Iceberg and the unthinkable happened - the Unsinkable TITANIC sank.



Glad you missed that one Roger :thumbsup:

Interesting that the 'unsinkable' monniker was not hubris on the part of the builders but hyperbolae or just plain missunderstanding by the press of the day.

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