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Spitfire Mk1/2 Locking Door Handle Question

Escadrille Ecosse

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The Mk1/2 Spitfires were fitted with twist external door handles, with only the driver's side being fitted with an external key.

When I got my Mk1 many years ago, both doors were fitted with the non-locking type of handle. Presumably replaced along the way by a PO at some point when the lock seized.

And when I first rebuilt the car 20 odd years ago and replaced the doors with fibreglass I just kept the non-locking handles and binned the knackered steel doors.

Now I'm rebuilding the car and I'd keen to be able to pretend to lock the car. The original locking (and non-locking) handles are of course unobtainable, however I was able to get something that I should be able to get to fit. Basically the same as fitted to the early Minis.


Original on the left, repro on the right. Extending the spindle is pretty straightforward and I have ordered a bit of 8mm sq bar for that.

The bezel is more of an issue. In fact it is THE issue. Getting it off the old handle is relatively straightforward. As is fitting it to the new handle and it already has slots to accept the locking pin.

However what I don't know is how it is supposed to fix in the door to prevent it turning with the handle when locked.

The manual gives some tantalising clues that there is some sort of retainer in the door.


Do any Sideways-ers know the secret?

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