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365 photos in 365 days (part deux)

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Very much a result of me intentionally exiting the plane quite badly to test the trainee instructor - hazard of the job.  Not hard to fix - it’s a lot like being a kid on a swing that’s been wound up an needs a bit of “body English” and leg swinging to unwind.  These are big friendly student parachutes, and while they’re sized for light weight 55-65 kilo students, they’re well over double the size is my sports parachutes.  15 seconds later all was fine.  On my parachute, if I couldn’t fix it in 5, I’d be onto plan B.

Day 171


Gorgeous afternoon for the winter solstice.  ((10 minutes later it clouded over and rained on me for the last 10km’s home from work).  Ahh well, better (longer) days are coming!

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Nice to see a happy ending nonetheless.

Years ago I was up with the Loadmaster in the back of an RAF Hercules when the Paras were doing a low level exercise. 600 feet jump height on a static line.

Talking with the guy about how it goes we got to the bit about the drill if the main parachute doesn't deploy. They all have a reserve but the answer was from that height by the time you realise there is a problem dealing with the reserve just gives them something to take their mind off the real problem before hitting the deck. :ohmy: 

Very much gallows humour. 

Nice day for a ride. Summer solstice ride for me tomorrow. i am going 'gravel' for the first time


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Day 172.

On 6/22/2022 at 5:56 PM, Nick Jones said:

You’ll find that goes a bit easier.

Certainly does.  Went out for a "getting to know you" hour this morning.  I cant really go any faster on the bike paths, because the pedestrian traffic is always unpredictable, and I'm still a bit suss about the rear brake on this but on the road it's sooo much easier to lug up hills.

Snuck off to the tunnel again before school holidays sees it full of families


More lazing around.  Currently doing penance for my fun by spending all night loading updates onto file servers.  Oh the joy.

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Day 173

After a long annoying night of updating servers and no sleep I had commitments I couldn’t avoid through the day, so by 7pm I’d been up for 36 hours with the majority of that spent at work.  Big weekend coming with more instructor exams, as well as having to remote into work to do more (fairly critical) updates.  Kicked all the users of the networks and started lots of backups running and should really have gone to sleep and respected my impending 5:30am wake-up call.


Went to the footy and caught up with family instead.

Tomorrow is gonna be a looooong day.

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Day 174

when you really should be at work doing the stuff that pays for your life, but you have a prior commitment at the drop zone that need your sign off 


Thank you to whoever thought up remote computing.

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Day 175



“Hey Craig, is this yours?”

I was pretty happy to get sent this today by one of my neighbors.  

I got it while I was stuck at the dz, a couple of hours from home, not long after another neighbor rang and let me know that my van had been broken into overnight and rolled into their spare car on the street outside home, and that my new bike was no longer inside the cargo area…

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Day 181

A friend of about 30 years threw a very large Coachella based party for his wife’s 50th.

I’m not going to offer any excuses for this outfit, except to say that my wife not only allowed me out in public dressed like this, but accompanied me in something that upstaged me.


Gawd help me…

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