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365 photos in 365 days (part deux)

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There’s a lot going on, and it takes two to tango on a contract.  Still waiting to see how it shakes out.

Day 132

Glass of resin hand, beg before midnight so I can get to the dz early and prepare for an instructor course (and an audit of out operation by the feds)


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We hung out till about 10pm, then had to give it up. (Beer was calling).

Day 144

Sunset at the end of a very long weekend - we’re short staffed, so I got to supervise a first jumper course, run a night jump course for 16 potential first night jumpers, run the first 2 day of an instructor course for 6 potential new instructors, and be the Safety officer, all while the feds were running our first audit in 5 years (One minor non-compliance found, a transposed number in a spreadsheet).


Current status is “Shattered”


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16 hours ago, JohnD said:

The Black Death epidemic was about 1379.  What was so awful about 1979?

In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (and to some degree the 90’s), the fatality rate for skydivers was pretty frightening - the safety systems were like early F1 cars.

Skydivers being irreverent, and hopefully of it never happening to them, had a toast to use when drinking to lost friends;

“Blue Skies, Black Death”

Australia’s oldest club (in the spirit of irreverence) have always had the motto “Death Lurks”, and started running an event called the “Black Death Boogie”, in 1979, and have every year since.  That T shirt is mine from when I attended the 2019 event.


That required an 8 hour flight each way, but was worth it to catch up with some old friends.


Day 146


Full Mamil in recovery mode.  Finally managed to average over 20km/h all the way home from work on the hybrid bike.  

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Day 148


Made the mistake of riding to work on a day with a presentation and drinks after work to farewell a departing staff member.

Now leaving for home 3 hours after dark…

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Posted (edited)

What lights on the bike, Craig?    I've recorded elsewhere how impressed I am with the laser-like quality of  modern LED bike lights!  And mine is a mere 720 lumens, when you can get them with 2000!

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I’m old enough to have played the dynamo on the wheel game John, so I too appreciate led lights.  Mine’s fairly compact, so it’s effectiveness is questionable on the twisty dirt tracks.  Still, I managed to average just 1km slower in the dark, and got home without incident.

Day 149


More lifting up and putting down heavy things.

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2 hours ago, GT6MK3 said:

I’m old enough to have played the dynamo on the wheel game

Me too......  Go too fast and you'd boil the filament onto the inside of the bulb, turning it silver and significantly reducing light output.  In my case it tended to be the result of cycling whilst full of beer.  Amazing how much faster you can go when feeling no pain.....  Resulting in a double hangover - legs and head!!

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Hello All

              Do you mean one of these? (Lucas C25P)

I do not have a bike without an engine now! So I am open to offers and it is probaly carbon neutral?

The Memsahib still has her old bike(I have to be careful how I say that?)

Open to offers on that as well!






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Engineering with beer and snacks...... how civilized :smile:


btw, what is the thing on/in the wall behind you with lanyard hanging from one knob.... built in stereo?  Houshold climate control panel?

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