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365 photos in 365 days (part deux)

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Many Happy Returns! :smile:

Not ideal birthday circumstances, apart from cake exclusivity….. though the indications are that J is close by.

You’ll just have to have an official one when you are released!


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1 hour ago, andymcp said:

I got all excited for a minute there.  Thought you were working on the car and not the scooter... :wink:

My plan for getting through this Covid lockdown was to quickly flip the 260 Big banger motor into the Minnow, clean up around the GT6, and get stuck into the wiring to get it running again.

The reality has been different.

Day 96.


Got woken up by the phone at 8:30, thought I’ll have a snooze till 9.  Woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon, transferred to the couch, haven’t left it as at 7:30pm.  No aches or pains, just incredibly fatigued.

Official iso requirement ends at midnight…


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Hello Craig

                    Does that mean you will be well at 00.01???

I have been feeling crap the last few days I did a test yesterday but showed negative?

But I was creasoting the new solar frames and back of the shed a week ago and I use the proper black stuff not your rubbish water base crap and I wonder if it has burnt my nasal passages and throat as guess who did not wear a mask?


Ps I think I will burn the overalls and clothes I was wearing as we could finish up with a creasoted washing machine and I think the Memsahib would demand a new one and I am just a poor old pensioner!

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Still struggling for energy, sleeping about 14 hours a day.  Went into work to remind them I exist (and it’s payday…), then picked up a couple of purchases I’d found while locked in.

Sadly the Bogan Van was caught in a hailstorm back at the start of Covid, and got written off by the insurance company.

Its replacement is a much smaller 1992 Townace van, which has an overheating issue  I’ve been meaning to solve with a Thermo fan for 2 years now, but since it only gets driven about 1 day a month, motivation is low.  It’s 1.8l petrol engine wouldn’t pull the lightest of skin off a rice pudding, so I miss the B.V.’s 3.8l V6, but I bought it for less than a grand, and it’s on club plates and insurance, so it cost less that $200 a year to keep.  

Handy to have for picking up oversized stuff, and rescuing broken down vespas.

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Day 100


All the couch and bed time has started to kick off some lower back twinges, so I got off my lazy ass and went for a gentle pedal.  Left my stopwatch and heart monitor behind so as not to have the competitive streak kick in.  Leg muscles were ok, but I ran out of breath 30 minutes in and took the shortcut home.  Nice to be out, am going to try to ease back into it.

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