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365 photos in 365 days (part deux)

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The Urban Dictionary will probably be right, but I did this a couple of years ago, and found it fascinating and occasionally challenging.  After spending about 1/2 of the days since March 2020 in various lockdown (which invariably mean working 7 day weeks), I'm self aware of the need for me to be a little more cheerful, and to take the time I ensure I find time to inject a little fun into life.

So I hope you'll forgive the indulgence (again).

Day One


A long way from an office, middle of a 2 hour session getting some miles into my legs on Trusty-Rusty.

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Great stuff Craig. I enjoyed your last “a year in pictures”. 
could be a challenging endeavour, but remember the mundane for you is exotic Oz for us. Just the tram junctions had me foxed for a while waiting on the left to turn right. 

will try and keep comments to a minimum.:biggrin:

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Day Three


Not my favorite way to greet the sun.  Been up all night after getting a report that email wasn’t flowing.  Seems Micro$oft didn’t think some of there email software code would still be in their flagship product when 2021 became 2022.  So Y2K22 struck every on premise  MS email server in the world at once.  Fun night finding and applying patches…

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Gosh, first I've heard or known about it - but then I'm not the data guru that Craig is.

No probs  with my email - was BT unaffected, or is this something to look forward to?


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I heard about it (while I was having dinner at a pub on holiday) with a rather direct txt from the name partner of one of my biggest legal firm clients.  His email wasn’t working, and he wanted it fixed.

The joys of IT.  What’s another night without sleep.

This one only affects in house servers like the ones I specalise in John.


Most non-nerds would be horrified to find out just how fragile, unregulated, unplanned, and unsecure email actually is.

I assume every single email I send is going to be read by an uninvited 3rd party at some point (and I should know).


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Rode for an hour to get there in 34C up and down hills in full sun on a 2001 26" mountain bike that weighs a ton, has a rusty chain, a sticking front brake, and only 3 of 21 gears left, so I reckon steam came off me when I hit the water.

Holidaying for a week in Bright, the holiday town I spent part of every summer in as a kid.  4 hour drive Northeast of home.  Trying to spend a couple of hours a day turning pedals to remind my heart that it's time of casually sending blood round a deskchair bound grouch is over.

Reality returns Friday.

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Not ideal…. :(

This morning I scraped ice off my windscreen to go to work….. and scraped ice off my windscreen to come home. Tomorrow it’s going rain. A lot……. Not warm rain.

Something has to keep those beautiful rivers and waterfalls fed.

Hoping tomorrow is sunny again!


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19 hours ago, Nick Jones said:

Real world beckons……. :sad:

(Or, to misquote Disney, I owe, I owe, it’s back to work I go)

Hello Nick

                What is this Work thing you speak of? 

Am I missing out on something?


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