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Vitesse power steering

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Hello All

              A bit of an update on the progress(been busy making new garage doors 6 of them and fitting new radiator etc)

So I have cut off  part of the lug off the casting and cut and welded the bracket so the unit is tight up against the stanndard clamp(bored out to suit)

I have made and fitted to straps to the back of the unit one to hold the weight and one for the torque.

I had fitted the electronic gubbins on to the weight strap and the power adjuser control (may move that as it may be very difficult to reach when the dashboard is in?)

For the output connection I an going to use a peice of the Triumph shaft(tube) and machine the splined shaft down for a tight fit and peg and maybe weld it?

I will shorten the lower solid shaft a bit and use the Triumph clamp then I will still have some crash telescoping as Triumph designed

I have bought a steering column from Spitzbits just waiting for it to arrive(Its a belt and braces job as once I had cut mine there was no going back so I thought get another one to play with!)

Then I have to work out the top end but I have a splined tube that I can cut and machine to fit part of the Triumph shaft

The only thing I forgot is the dashboard goes between the clamp and bracket!(I may just cut a small peice out of it?)











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