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Spit6 project

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Ah!   Special tools section!    It's a cut-down 9/16" for the front lower exhaust manifold nut.      No room for a full length spanner to swing, even as much as one flat at a time.     The copper pipe is to make it comfortable to tighten to the prescribed 20lbs-ft (AKA as tight as ^%$&* possible, in that confined space)    The tape is to cover safety wire, that goes through a hole in the  spanner and in the pipe, to stop the pipe falling off.     The tape protects my fingers from the twisted wire ends.

Similar, the home made C-spanners, bound with tape - I could have just chamfered the edges, but tape was easier!


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Ahhh... Yes those b##### manifold nuts!

Good idea that though.

I hadn't notice the home made C spanners. Very good!

My contribution is a home made flat hex spanner that fits the pulley nut on the small bearing 4's so I can turn the engine over in the Spitfire when adjusting the tappets. I have a socket to actually undo the nut but that won't fit without dismantling the radiator, etc.

I hadn't thought of the tape for the edges though. So going to copy that idea

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Ah!  I have a special tool for that too!

The threaded rod in the other end of the tube in the socket is beacuse the offcut of tube wasn't long enough!

Once again, bound with tape to save the fingers.



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