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HT lead recomendation

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Hi all

Noticed a very slight miss in the Gt6 while maintaining a constant 50mph. Very subtle, but it's there. Reverted back to a new set of  points and condenser from a Hall sensor type set up to rule it out, along with a different coil and new spark plugs. 

Still there, so thought I would replace the HT leads. They are Lucas Hywire on ghere st the moment, and were on the car when I bought it 17 years ago.

Started to look, and see 10mm and 8mm advertised, looking at an  Accuspark set. Want rubber spark plug connectors as opposed to plastic. 

Anyone got any recommendations?


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Plugs are new and need some more miles to establish how they are burning. If anything a bit sooty around the edge,  electrode still shinney. W7DTC plugs, fitted them out of the box and running original Srombergs.

I will richen the mix a bit more and give it a go.

Tail pipe is sooty, but I have been needing the choke to get it started and initially run, which could also indictate it's running a bit lean I suppose.

Put my foot down and it pulls strong without any hesitation or miss, it's only at a constant plod it doesn't feel quite right. 

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have you got the correct vacuum module on the distributor, indeed is it working.? Engines of that era were designed to run lean at cruise which required more advance, hence the vacuum advance. The identifying numbers are stamped on the module (assuming a Lucas distributor). Three sets of two numbers, start vacuum, maximum vacuum and total advance at max vacuum. (If my memory is correct?)



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Hi all

Thanks for the replies.

You were right Nick, enriched the mixture a couple of flats, went for a ride on a local bypass, felt good, miss appeared to have gone, so branched off and committed myself to the motorway. No turning back for a few miles,  so floored it and maintained 70 mph. Came off the first available exit and went back the opposite way, and rang its neck through the gears. Pulled strong with no missing, stayed consistent at speed and returned to a nice idle. I will check the plugs after some more miles, to see what direction they are going in..

Alec made a good point, and I did check the distributor. It's a Delco Remy which I think is original fitment on a Mk2 Gt6. The vac advance is working, so if the mixture was borderline weak at low speed, it would be more apparent as the ignition advanced at speed.

The Gt6 does go well and feels quicker than my Vitesse, not sure if it's just because it's lower to the ground and smaller, more aerodynamic.

Time to get the Dragy out and do a comparison.

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