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Another new and fairly cheap tool, may be more use

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My trailer has plastic sides that double as mud guards.       Long ago, backing up, I ran slowly into a post and split the plastic.    To repair it, I drilled alongside the split and 'stitched' it with cable ties:


But the ties need replacing every year - they break, perhaps from fatigue, or sunlight degrading them, I don't know.

Then I saw  a "Plastic Welder/Stapler", for not a lot, and ordered it.   


  It works like a soldering iron, but the bit is a length of shaped wire, that gets hot enough to melt a thermoplastic, like my mudguards.     It arrived today and I've just tried it, on one end of the split.  You can se where I've removed the cable ties:



The 'staple' is a zigzag shape, and you cut off the legs after inserting it.    I then used a different type of staple to melt the surface of the plastic and draw it over the grooves where the zigzag went in.       The staples are stainless steel, so should not rust, much, and maybe the surface melt will keep them dry.  


I'll see how this partial repair does, and then complete it, if satisfactory.   I can always stitch it again with cable ties!


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