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After working on the suspension for a couple of years to try and gain an edge ( a firm believe of suspension thus handling first )whilst staying in the same power/weight/limited mods road going class (116bhp = less than 130bhp/tonne)

I decided that despite going up a class (130/T to 180/T) thus more challenging target times, a more powerful engine would be the way to go. 

not having your skills I have got some professionals to help out.

It’s been a 7 /8 month build (making good use of a bit of a legacy after dad died - he would I’m sure approve- as many of you will have picked up he was a life long old car fanatic)

so pictures are the order of the day.








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3 hours ago, Nick Jones said:


Anticipated torque/power? Torque is the more useful on hills. Preferably a big fat lump of it over a widevrev range….


we have agreed we'd aim for - 165bhp and 180 torque ish

this  should bring me in under the 180bhp/T criteria in the next class up.


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1 hour ago, Nick Jones said:

2.3L now?

89mm pistons 2289 according to a calculator 

From 87mm @ 2187

46 minutes ago, PeteStupps said:

Where's the flywheel gone?! This looks like it means serious business!

I couldn’t afford a whole one. !!

but does mean it’ll be quite quick to respond both on and off the throttle.  just hope it ticks over. The current one is original but machined to just under 20lb  

There should be a pair of 45 dcoe’s being fitted to feed the engine. 

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1 hour ago, Nick Jones said:

Staying with the SUs?

No Nick i am afraid i am going to the dark side and the engine package / power specification means webers ( 45's)

a sad day it will be as i do like the SU's.


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Hello Hamish, I like the "flick book",and the motor. My friend that I go pit crew for is still running SU's (2x2inch) and points and 2.1 L for the rules for group SA production sports cars and his TR3A on the dyno is producing 147 hp at the wheels and road registered. Will be interested to continue watching your progress. Regards, Michael.

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