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MGF hubs and Miata Torsen diff with 2.5 Duratec in Triumph Spitfire

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I am working on putting in a 2013 Ford Duratec 2.5 with a 6 speed miata gearbox in a 1979 Spitfire. Have a set of hubs that I believe are MGF I am hoping to use with a Miata Torsen diff. Can anyone provide correct make/model/year I would need to order parts related to these hubs? I believe it would be 1996 to 2000 MGF with ABS, but was hoping someone could confirm.

Thanks in advance for any help, greatly appreciated.


IMG_2968 (1).JPG


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Which parts specifically?  AFAIK most of the parts are the same through the full MGF production run.  Main differences are ABS/Non ABS (I would think either will work for your purpose) and the vertical links are supposedly different between the earlier MGF and later MGTF, though I'm not entirely clear what the differences are.

There are a couple of people on here who have used these on Triumphs in the past so can hopefully add to this.  I think I have a pair of links somewhere (earlier type) and one driveshaft (the short one).


Have you find your way to this website already - useful pics and listings.....


Sounds like a very interesting project BTW - pics appreciated :smile:

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Yeah, sounds like a great project, definitely hoping to see more.  I know nothing about MGF VLs, but a couple questions, or perhaps considerations...

Why the 6-speed? I looked closely at ratios and fitment and was a simple decision for me to go with the 5-speed.  Great ratios, and much easier to move the shifter location.  Also very cheap.  See my thought process and ratio comparisons here.... https://stevew10.wixsite.com/spit16/blank-2

Why not just go with the Miata VLs as well.  You get the 4x100 bolt pattern plus the benefit of no MG stuff on your Triumph :) .  The front can be easily modified to 4x100 as well and then you'll have a way bigger selection of wheels, instead of Minilights or Mininlights (okay, and a few MGF options too :) ). Here's how I did the front.  https://www.triumphexp.com/journal/Steve-Wten.3733/Steve-s-Guide-To-A-World-Of-Wheel-Options.12365/

Regardless how you do it, good luck and looking forward to reading about it.

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