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Verstappen vs Hamilton - what do you think?

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The Formula1 site has all the on and off car footage: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.must-see-huge-drama-at-silverstone-as-verstappen-crashes-out-after-contact.5TYpA4sgotEd2OWVYU2lKg.html

I think that Hamilton was giving way to Verstappen, see the rear view from the Red Bull car at: 0.50     Before that he had at least half a car of overlap, which does give him the inside line, but he was being cautious.

And then, Verstappen turned in on him, see the overhead view at: 1:30    But Versappen probably couldn't see him then, assumed he had fallen back further.

IMHO, Racing incident.

Who were the Stewards at the race?   Lars Orsterlind, Paolo Longini, and Nigel Mansell!  OK, Mansell waved the Union Flag when he won at Silverstone, but all of them are enormously experienced. And he would have been outvoted if only he thought that the incident was otherwise.


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Verstappen had left more than a cars width on the inside for Hamilton, and was on a trajectory around the corner.  Hamilton's trajectory was always going to hit Verstappen unless Verstappen ran off the road.

Wasn't a "Racing incident".  Was a race driver hitting the rear wheel of another car with his front wheel when he didn't have position, and didn't own the corner.  Hearing  Hamilton's excuse that he was "Fully alongside" or Mercedes that he was "past" are utter BS.  He wasn't alongside, and he caused a crash at massively high speed.  Given the disparity of incidents, the punishments handed out to Norris at prceeding GP's stand out.

For mine, it should have been a 10s Stop and Go, but Hamilton, as always leads a charmed life.  Look at all the penalties this year, and that one was out of phase with the rest.

Hamilton is a petulant child when he loses, and a prodigiously talented ungracious whiner/winner.  The fanboy coverage we get on Sky is nauseating.  They wen't so far in defending him to suggest that his trajectory into the corner was decieving, because "hitting Verstappen with his outside front would have caused him to run wider than normal".  Prodigious driver, molycoddled arsehole

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So from now on you are not allowed to come up the inside on a bend when the other driver did it wrong and left a big gap..

When Max realised he did it wrong he should have slowed down rather than cause a serious crash.

Funny how each of use see things.

The race marshals are the final arbiters and they did what the did.



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I suggest you look again.  It's obvious Verstappen knew Hamilton was there as he pulled to the left before then turning right across Hamilton's bow.  If you leave a gap in a race then your opponent will exploit it.  It's no good continuing as you didn't know.  At worst a racing incident as I know to my cost having suffered by an opponent leaving a gap and not expecting me to take advantage of it.

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24 minutes ago, PeteClan said:

At worst a racing incident as I know to my cost having suffered by an opponent leaving a gap and not expecting me to take advantage of it.

Ouch. Expensive when you don't have sponsors to pay for the damage. :pinch:

Regardless of the apportionment of blame or my views on the spoiled brat, the speed at which things are happening is quite incredible. 

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Blah blah Fanboy blah.


Hamilton's lies are on radio:

"I was ahead goin in there Man". Nope.

"Fully alongside, it's my line". Nope.



And the stewards statement

"Cars 33 (Verstappen) and 44 (Hamilton) entered turn 9 with Car 33 in the lead and Car 44 slightly behind and on the inside. Car 44 was on a line that did not reach the apex of the corner, with room available to the inside.  When Car 33 turned into the corner, Car 44 did not avoid contact and the left front of Car 44 contacted the right rear of Car 33. Car 44 is judged predominantly at fault."

Hamilton was at fault.  As decided by the stewards.  Over 2 minutes after the incident he caused, after he'd checked out his car, after he'd lied twice about his track positioning, he finally asked about the guy he'd punted into the fence.


Talented driver.  Arsehole.  Not unusual in F1.  

(Opinions - Like F1 Teams, everyone has one... ;-)  


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Posted (edited)

I hadn't seen the Stewards statement, Craig, in which case I must defer to them, and as they say that "Car 44 is judged predominantly at fault." then a ten second penalty seems overly lenient.   I can only suppose that they assumed that that enormous wait in the pit lane would cripple his chances, but genius will out!

However much I hesitate to quibble with Mansell et al, I still would maintain that he did acheive an overlap of more than half the cars' length, and on the inside of the corner, which should secure him the line.  See this from the Formula1 site footage, I referred to above:


He then backed off, as clearly seen in that footage, in effect giving Verstappen the corner, but he turned in before Hamilton could clear.




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Just my opinion from the States!

In NASCAR if Verstappen attempted to force the issue when someone had the inside track, the result would be the same every time!

Fun to finally see real racing in F1.


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