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Spitfire Door Detail Question

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Ok.... found it.  It was in the garage loft, which isn't where I last saw it.  Need some kind of ladder too, this monkey is getting a bit old......

So, one door, unmolested (not re-skinned) but well used.  The main length of the slot varies between 19 and 20mm tending to narrower at the front though I think this variation is more a sign of a hard life than design intent. 


Also each end has a section about 35mm long which is 2 - 3mm wider.





And a couple of wider shots to show the ends, rather spoiled by the general crustiness B6423813-11A1-4A1E-9C73-B68F42BD1972.jpeg


There is a reason (or several) why this door remains in stock after two restorations.....



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Same here: One unmolested mk 3 door (was removed many years ago from a wrecked car: about 19 mm but varies between 19 and 20, and about 21-22 at the slotted part in both ends.

Same on a NOS mk 3 door: 19 mm and 21-22 at the ends.

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