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I've used Quickfit SBS, they were competent and have a nice selection of hardware which is pricey if you want chrome. Sure they'd be able to sort it easily if you can get them to understand what you want. 

A rambling aside..... I had a hard time getting them to accept what I was asking for. In 2016 I wanted inertia reel belts put in the back of my new 1300fwd. Definitely wanted inertia reels because the kids would be going in the back. Didn't need inertia for the front because that's where I sit; I've stopped growing and was happy to adjust the existing belt. If I'd wanted inertia in the front and static in the back I could do it myself quite easily, as the anchor points were all there, but inertia in the back required more creativity than I had time for.

So I went to Quickfit which everyone recommends. Drove up early in the morning, in a hurry to drop car with them and get back to work. Bloke who dealt with me pleasantly disagreed that I wanted inertia in the back and the existing static in the front, it made more sense (to him) for me to want inertia in the front and static in the back. In my distracted and hurried state I foolishly agreed. Now every weekend I take the kids in the car it annoys me and them. 

For the front belts I specifically asked him to leave the buckle-hangers in position on the b-pillar. Yes I understood they wouldn't be necessary with inertia belts but I like them and wanted them left in place. This was my only specific instruction and was ignored. I had to retrieve the hangers which he'd left in the workshop and re-fit them myself. The other work was done to a good standard though.

Later I bought some hardware from them which involved several phone calls and emails to debate whether I really wanted the things I'd asked for, but eventually got me the parts. 

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Ah I see. Well a slightly cavalier option would be to get some decent polyester yarn and a fat sewing needle, and copy the stitch pattern yourself. Obviously it's safety critical and I fully expect to be rebuked for suggesting this :whistling:

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