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Hello John, I am sorry to see and hear of your troubles. (hope it was nothing to do with your baffle, sorry).There was a thread on here about cranks (Andy from WA was involved) I have installed a thrust washer set from a Toyota (will find details and re post). They are wider and thicker than the Triumph ones and the block and cap have to be machined to fit. Regards, Michael. 

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On a (trying to be) positive note, how many hp did you get from the engine? ....and what increase are you looking for from the new engine!

Needs a regrind though. I think the big ends might be a bit tight

Mike, I did my dissertation on torsion vibration using the instrumented engine rig and a significant part of my course was on datalogging, but I'm still an electronic numpty!    But you have a ve

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2.5 crank John....




Measures standard and is pretty reasonable. For a cooking road engine you could give the the journals a polish up and go with it. For a racer a grind 10/10 is probably advised. Thrust area ok. Some light surface rust plus a bit of deeper pitting on the front 3/4” of the nose and rear boss.

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Posted (edited)

On the cross drilling;     The archivists over on TRR have found that:

All TR4s were cross drilled, but that's not a crank like this!

All TR5s were cross drilled.

TR6s were cross drilled, up to CP 52329

2500 engines were cross drilled until MG 10323

and they have original Triumph dealer Newsletters to prove it!

So this item is hardly unusual or even rare, and was probably native to that MG block in the first place.

Hey Ho!    I thought I had something special!



Thank you for that information!    Would you have the bearing cap machine to take th eother half and fit two on each side, 'full circle'-ish?


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