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I have fitted an oil temp gauge

Tested it with boiling water and it’s good.

Something  else to worry about - yes :confused:

my car has always had an oil cooler but with out a thermostat. From PO fitting.

the oil just doesn’t get hot 50/60c on a run. 
Admittedly it’s been quite cool lately but did a hour plus run in the Derbyshire hills.

can oil be too cold. 
oil pressure is good

no water emulsion 

I could just put a loop pipe in and bypass the oil cooler. See how it goes.

but a found on old thread by Alan (old tuckunder) where he had similar concerns and tried the oil filter adapter heat exchanger. To warm the oil for sprints and hill climbs. ( nice that he is still guiding my thoughts around racing.)

I don’t think the oil filter type would fit my car as it doesn’t use the spin on canister type

I was thinking of doing similar with my 3a but using one of these remote type  water oil heat exchangers and bin the air oil cooler.





anyone any experience. It’s similar to VAG versions. That I know some of you know well. 

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Would be very much simpler to fit an inline thermostat to your existing cooler, though that wouldn’t bring the quicker warm-up benefit, which is useful in the hill climb context.

The device you link to would do the job, but plumbing might be painful - not familiar enough with TR3 to really comment on that. I know it would be a right sod on a Vitesse as the water is mostly on the opposite side to the oil.

I know Alan managed it, but it was a pretty complex setup and he had bearing failures egging him on. Think he used a Laminova heat exchanger. Good kit if a little spendy 

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I used a Laminova oilto water cooler on Silverback , coz I didn't want any air getting in under the bonnet.   It worked fine.

Can't post a pic as I'm away from home on my phone

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Hello Hamish

                      I have to ask the question why have you fitted an Aluminium sump if it is not getting warm enough?

50/60c sounds like a engine killer

The plumbing on Alans Vitesse was !!!! not what I wanted for a road car but I could see it would work for quicker warm ups for sprinting and he had a pre oiler as well! (belt and braces !) but he had run a few big ends at 6000/6500rpm

And wrecked one Max Speeling rod!

I would fit a thermostat oil the oil line as you do not want oil going around the cooler until its 80/90c 


ps perhaps keep the level to the bottom of the stick if the sump is baffled  1.5 gallons is a lot to get warm for sprinting!

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Thanks for the quick replies. 

the Ali sump was fitted as it was available bling and I thought you can’t have too much oil. But it’s only about an extra 0.5L.

it’s only because the sump has the extra boss to fit a temp gauge that I now know the oil temp. Apart from the Ali sump it’s had an air oil cooler without a stat for 30+ years so I presume the low oil temps have been the same for that time.

I was considering an inline stat for a while but a found these heat exchangers then Alans thread and thought  heating the oil was a good idea especially on sprint hill climb days. 
I should be able to find space for the remote heat exchanger on the inner wing and the oilways are very accessible on the nearside instead of the the current cooler. Also there is a convenient water bypass hose on the same side. So I guess oil and water plumbing is do-able.

I may try a short U bend bypass tube to see what oil temps I get without the cooler.


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