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Anyone else had this problem?   The 'binnacle' that holds the indicator and light control stalks should sit on the steering column horizontally, sothey stick out each side, at a "quarter to nine" (or past three) position.

But mine gradually turns on the column, until it is at twenty past ten (or ten to four).      I can't find that there are any missing parts.    What holds it in place?

This assembly is common to all the Herald derivative cars, I think, so I hope that someone has had, and solved this problem before?

If so, please tell!

Thank you!


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I can think of two possibilities John. One is that whole upper column is turning, possibly because the spring clip that grips it inside the upper clamp isn't present

upper column drawing.jpg

609639 in the pic above...

The other is that the upper end of the column is a formed as a separate part from the tube and somehow joined to it in manufacture, I think as a sleeve joint either soldered or glued.  Perhaps this joint (see red arrow)

steering column upper.jpg

has failed allowing the top part to turn as it likes.  Couple of short pop-rivets applied in the area indicated by the green arrow might do the trick if this is the case..

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I've heard of situations where the upper widemouth part of the column becomes loose so it can rotate or even come off.  I think it was originally fastened with a couple of spot welds.  Some epoxy might fix it.


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