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Realise it's quite well-known in Triumph circles but this short video about the Fury concept / prototype popped up on Youtube the other day. See 4:00 for the nifty headlamp popping. 

In some parallel universe this might have been what the TR7 turned out like (or even TR6, given the timing) . It's not the biggest "what if" in Triumph history but I do wonder what would have happened if they'd tooled up and produced this thing. 


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6 hours ago, zetecspit said:

Dare I say it....but the TSSC mag has an article on the Fury, the March 2021 edition. Not sure if I should scan and publically post on here?

Clive you're right, that was mentioned in the comments on Youtube. Article was based on the video apparently, or vice versa. 

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