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How does the search function work?


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I wanted (not for me, for a friend) to find anyone who had fitted a Spitfire with an Alfa V6 engine, a not trivial, but doable project, IMHO

I searched for 'Spitfire "Alfa V6" ', with the end part in quotes -> 4K-odd hits, that seemed to be for either 'Spitfire' or 'Alfa'.

Right, let's focus down a bit - use the Boolean search words, I used 'Spitfire AND "Alfa V6' which should get hits that have both.  -> 67K hits!!!!!   That's not right!  there should be fewer that have them together!

Or, of course, I'm not using it right!

Any ideas!


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Under the search box, (after you have clicked to start typing) there appears a box of options. The e=second one down is by default search any word, but click the one under which is all words.... That should cut it down a bit!

I don't understand why search facilities are not "all words" by default.....

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No. The guy I’m thinking of was quite well on with his project and it was definitely a kit based on a Triumph chassis.

I’ve had maybe 3 who were/are building kits on Triumph chassis but only one Alfa. 

I don’t know much about Alfa stuff, but I imagine the gearbox will be a challenge. Can’t offhand think of any RWD Alfa V6 cars that don’t have a rear mounted transaxle rather than a conventional gearbox.

Anything is possible given sufficient talent, time and money, (or even just sheer determination and absence of fussiness), but just because you can doesn’t mean you should....

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