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6 hours ago, PeteStupps said:

This was the 3rd person (thanks @mpbarrett above) to suggest the spigot bush so I finally began to pay attention...!


I think that might have been the problem. Have ordered a new spigot bush from Fitchett's.

Excellent!! There's nothing more satisfying than finding a potential culprit for a recurring problem.

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Pleased to report that the FWD has completed about 50 miles around inner London now with its new spigot bush, clutch and 3rd/4th synchro bits. The clutch feels smoother than ever, so I'm pretty sure the input shaft was previously whipping about in the old worn spigot. 3rd and 4th gear changes feel silky smooth as well, but 1st/2nd is a bit notchy in comparison. But I'm just chuffed that it all works (for now). 

Next job is to wire in inertia switch and hazard lights, then think about changing the rotoflex couplings. 

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... I may have spoken too soon. Doing the kids' taxi runs this weekend the clutch started to feel faintly rough. A bit of a rough feeling at the end of the pedal travel, didn't seem to be present with the engine off. Had a sinking feeling about the expensive new release bearing, so stripped it all out again. Release bearing felt fine, which is good. No rattles or play. Maybe friction plate sticking on the input shaft but there was still a bit of grease on the splines, and it seemed to slide alright. So not sure. 

Should a new spigot bush be a tight fit in the crankshaft? It slides fore and aft a little, and I could rotate it with my finger. Yogi said it should be tight enough so that removing it is a pain in the backside. Wondered if that might be a clue.

I put everything back together and it felt ok driving 10 foot back into the garage. Will try and take her for a proper spin in the week, maybe it's nothing to worry about but I can't help worrying anyway.

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