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M seeocal used to supply a piece of blutak with their kit, for just this purpose!    Did Triumph machine blocks differently, or what?


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As all have said: a real PITA.  Chris Witor sells different size inner seals to try and manage this.

I had my adaptor inner face re-machined to make sure it pulls up on the outer seal, with small clearance on the inner.  As I recall the outer recess varyed in depth around the circumference too!


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Hi thanks.

I have managed to get a good seal now between the adaptor and engine block, so no leaks from that area now. I can only put it down to initially using to thick an O ring in the centre, and also possibly the NOS outer O ring I've had stored for years had gone hard. Using new outer O ring, with the thinner centre O ring pictured cured it. 

Still leaking oil from the back of the engine/sump so trying to get myself motivated to get on with it and find the source.

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