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New Surrey rear frame for TRiumph TR4 -6


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Hi Folks,

 this came through a short while ago - very exciting


New Year, new product!

Having had many enquiries for Triumph TR4 "Surrey" back light frames over the past few years, we have now found a pattern maker and foundry that is capable of casting the required components.
The original frames were cast in 4 sections and welded together and this is the method we will also use.
An original frame will be 3D scanned and the pattern tooling created from accurate CAD drawings. The end result will be a cast aluminium frame that is at least as good as the original Stanpart item. Hopefully even better! 

Due to the significant investment required to start this project, we need a minimum initial order quantity of 12 frames, in order for it to be viable.

Once the go-ahead is given, the lead time on the first prototype frame will be 8 weeks and all being well, the first batch of frames will be ready shortly after that.

The cost of the frames will be £1325.

Please send enquiries via the "Message" option, 
via email: revivalmotorsport@outlook.com 
or phone: +44 (0)1347 879187


The chap making these, 'Ben Ferguson', made one a couple of years back in sheet material and it was very very impressive. He knows his stuff.



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