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Code Red !

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Ignition Red !

Somewhere in the process of chasing a misfire I've mucked up ! After too many attempts at resetting points & timing to dial out a high rev misfire - I switched back to a former Lumenition Electronic ignition set up - immediately things felt crisper & starting easier... finally satisfied I put the GT6 to bed....a couple of days later I returned to discover I'd inadvertently left the ignition turned on. No matter she started ok ... but hey ho now the ignition warning light wouldn't extinguish except when driven at 2k+ rpm

Since then I've checked, changed & tightened fan belt, bought and fitted replacement alternator, cleaned alternator terminal, checked all connections at Starter motor, battery & the choc-block that replaced my old solenoid as well as fitting a new voltage regulator... and still the ignition light refuses to extinguish .... except under high revs.

Possible causes and an idiots step by step test procedure much appreciated.

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I don’t think the electronic ignition will leave the coil permanently energised in those conditions...... or if it does, the odds of not being energised will be the same as points - pretty good.

The fact that the car started without even a battery charge is a pretty clear indication that the coil wasn’t energised all that time as it would have cooked - and flattened the battery.

The original problem though ..... is odd. Normally the sign of a failing alternator, but you’ve renewed it..... I don’t immediately see why leaving the ignition on would have caused the problem anyway?

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Hello Greta

                  I know you said you have fitted a new alternator but check the output with a voltage tester.

Anything over 1200/1500 should show 13.5volt to 14.5volt with nothing switched on.

If not it is faulty(cheap Chinese copy?)

I have a Lucas one off our Spitfire gathering dust as I now run a Nippon Denso as I need more power at low revs for the fuel injection pump if you are interested?

I fitted new bearings and brushes not long before it was removed.


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Thanks to Roger's helpful hints via pm problem finally traced to a poorly secured lead from Alternator to Starter motor - hiding beneath the rubber boot at the high torque SM I found a twisted & inadequately seated terminal ...problem quickly sorted once discovered - now a have 13.8v reading on multimeter on tickover :biggrin:. Thanks again to all here that provide encouragement & advice.

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