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Owning now the Spitfire for 16 years and it was (and is) fun to drive. We liked to tour with it for shorter tours as well as for a week of in southern Germany. The last years weather is changing and it is getting hotter and hotter. We liked May and September for such travel. Normally nice temperatures in the 22 to 26 degree range. But last years more 30 / 32 degress. Alway accompanies by a MGB with friends.

Target: open car with air condition. But not a boring one. You know, life ist to short for driving a boring car.

Friends changed recently that MGB for a  Porsche Boxter. You can get them cheap, but we need a car with more room for handbag :) ,some water bottles, coats, ... I always have a backpack with a camera, ...... The Boxter does not provide for such room in the cabin.

Thus searching for a nice car for longer travel and with air condition. Had a look for Porsche 944, 968, but a bit pricey for spare parts, ....

Other friend have a BMW E 36 convertible. Nice car, but hmmmm,  Audi A4 hmmmm, Audi 80, hmmm, 

I sinned and yesterday I collected a nice youngtimer. A 1991 BMW E30 convertible. And yes the 325 :) . 90.000 km on the clock. A/C and already updated to R134a. Original sport seats. 3 previous owners. Original colour is black and this would suit the car well. But.  Last owner (has several Z3 coupe , Z3 roadster and a Z1 :ohmy: ) bought the car and took it to a specialist to wrap it in red foil. Very professional work and I have seen the bill uuups. Pic is a bit misleading. It is a really bright and shiny red.

Car was cared for. Bilstein B4 shox, new rear exhaust, serviced every year, 3 year old tyres, .... recently complete renewal of the heating system done by BMW , ....

Only fault I detected so far is a leaking servo reservoir. It needs a new service with cambelt change. And I intend to change the gearbox and diff oils too.

Selling the Spitfire? No not intended today.

Nice car, Martin happy :banana:




E30 Halle.jpg

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Early 90s German engineering... good choice!  I'm still discovering how enjoyable the '90 W124 kombi is, especially now that the Jetronic is sorted out.  No a/c, 4-speed 'box and I much prefer it to the new Volvo daily driver.

Unlike your Beemer, the car was cared for... almost.  There's no rust, but springs and discs/pads were shot and I'll need to do rubbers in the not too distant future.


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Nice car Martin. And, in UK at least, prices are going up fast.

Good mate of mine has a very similar one in dark green (but with rather pimp cream / pale tan leather interior).  Has a “modified” engine (we don’t know what exactly) and goes quite well - he can nearly keep up with the Vitesse :ninja:

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A Girl friend of my daughter works in a company that does car wrapping. She has the lead and I follow her instructions.

Yes, I prefer the the black as well.

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It  really looks good in black. We only damaged the rear bootlid where paint sticked to the foil. Has to be painted. 

However, the Company that wrappped the car used additional primer or adhesives on the edges. Removal is a real pita   :wallbash::wallbash::wallbash:

I tried Aceton, Isopropanol, Silicon remover, household cleaner, commercial adhesive remover, ......

A Special orange oil based cleaner seems to help a little bit.

Took ohne Hour to clean ohne edge  of the bonnet. Summing up all edges and sides totals in oh my god.

And as a downside, ist seems that the adhesive worked its way into the paint. Unsure whether It will polish out.




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Whow what a work. I do not want to do it again in the near Future.

appr. 10 Hours to remove the foil. Major effort to get the edges „piddelt“. A german word but I think you understand :) .

35 hours to remove the remains of the adhesive and additional primer they used on the edges. And on top at least 20 hours polishing.

Around 10 bottles of various adhesive removers, alcohol, polishing compounds, ......

But I like it very much in black. Boot lid has to be painted due to some flakes of paint that came off.

Im exhausted as I did. the final polishing today. I just reward myself with a Beer on the terrace in the Late sun. :) 




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