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Hello again! (Been AFK for ...8 years!)


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Hey!, some of you may remember me from the past.
I've a Mk2 Dark blue spitfire, live in Chichester, you may remember i did a time-lapse video of a 1300 rebuild (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=daVDrGsaDME)
I then kinda disappeared off this forum but that was because...

I was using the car lots!

In the summers it's been my daily driver, in the winter stowed away in a dry lockup.

Took it on holidays a few times, overseas too!;
Once to the Loire for a friends wedding (this was the reason behind the engine rebuild)

Then a few years later drove it to Spain!, over the Pyrenees.
The somport tunnel was closed so i had to go over the *actual* top - i can tell you my engine did not like an altitude of 1650metres! I could barely keep it going in 2nd gear, blending the clutch to keep the revs higher... Made it though, and the downhill to Canfranc and on to San Sebastian was something i'll always remember.

I've not really done much more to her, I replaced the fixed read spring with a swing spring setup (Canley's kit) which i found to be very good, plonked a 3 point something (3.6) diff on the back for more settled cruising, and that's it! She's been surprisingly dependable, though over the last few years has been getting a little tatty here and there.

More recently I've moved back into the Chichester area to a house with a carport and garage, so I've *finally* got the opportunity to work and use her more.
No specific plans of yet, but EFI and possibly some kind of electric assist are on the cards.



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