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This forum needs a like button! 

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Thanks for the comments.  Strip down and repairs continue. Battery boxes at powder-coater. worked out a solution to lift body off on my own! was pretty chuffed. seems so obvious in hindsight

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On 10/16/2020 at 11:13 PM, Nick Jones said:

Is that your proposed new handbrake cable guide? Or the original? Doesn’t look like the original.....

Handbrake cable was installed prior to axles & spring, and discovering my error...impossible to remove now... so will cut off rather than dismantle rear suspension.  and Yes, Is the original Spit 1500 cable guide with GT6 roto cable... FYI according to rimmer Roto cable 137mm in length. I'm still pondering to use existing Spit cable guides and making shorter cable. or to fab cable guide and attache to body tub as per GT6 set up... and get new GT6 roto cable. difference in arc seems minimal ...

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Been on the go slow, last few months. ... 

But some progress, Firstly decided to upgrade brakes at front to the BCC. good option for me (despite the cost) fits TR7 wheels, less weight, 4 pot should be better than old 2 pot...? especially with some extra weight onboard. 

decided to make bracket to have Flex hoses in U rather than S ... not sure if it is the right thing to do, but looked better to me...


only slight mod to the dust shield, left one trimmed, Right to do.!

Ears were removed and bent a new but slightly smaller..


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Great to see progress.

Interesting about the brakes.  Somehow I appear to have missed BCC up to now........  Presumably your extra weight (minimal hopefully?) will also be offset by having regen braking available?

Now the fiddly part - finding homes for everything and executing it tidily.  There is clearly lots of work in the battery racking. To my eye that looks like lot of batteries hung way out front.... but I guess that this is just the "first wave" and there will be plenty of others distributed around the car.  How many cells in total? (count 36 at the front).

Coolant?!  Ah, yes, liquid cooled motor......

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 Very nice all round Steve.

Are you using a pre-charge resistor for the Inverter?
What BMS are you using? Will this ultimately control the charge/regen & discharge contactors? 
Are you having a charger onboard or charging with HVDC?

I might have a 500VDC 7KW heater destined for skip or good home. (Porsche).



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Hi nick

Battery pack. Is relatively small for ev.. 25kwh about 150klm range. But is high voltage 350v so to achieve v i need 108 batteries. Maybe 96 if too heavy. Aiming to be 40kg over. Which is well within the GVW . Can not exceed that in Australia... to keep it simple avoid engineering report etc.

36 pack over original Radiator pos'

24 pack goes where the engine block was

24 pack in replace of fuel tank.

24 pack in boot up against fuel tank-pack

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Bms is zeva made in Australia 

Evms3 version. Wiring up is next on the list, partly there... 

Bms has built in precharge resistor and you can see i have 2 HV contactors one will be connected to precharge.

 The charger is a small 3.3kw elcon CAN controlled by the BMS. Charger is located under the front battery pack next to coolant pump. Can be seen in earlier pics. 

Still not worked out where to put inlet yet...

Regen will be controlled by motor controller gevcu for uqm motor & inverter. Along with And brake pressure switch from hydraulics.

Im sure that would be a good heater... 

I have heater sorted... more just for mot as you call it. Requirement in Australia. Ready for assembly. I Opted for minimalist approach. 12v ceramic heater in original spitfire heater where radiators were. Will send pics when assembling. Should be fine in Melbourne.. have 2 x 200w. Am planning to have in parallel (total 400w) for high temp switch to series 200w for low temp. But also need its own power supply. Which was an oversight from original plans. But all ver low weight. 

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Been tinkering around mainly with wiring BMS to each battery in front packs (60 in total). Also now crimped a few HV cables to join the 2 front packs. 


But have now moved onto the Body. Thanks Nick for the pics of the Handbrake guides for rotoflex. Have managed to make something i think is Close enough. 

But i have a question for any one out there with a Rotoflex. I'm concerned with the Hand brake cable length if i don't get the width correct when i weld them in. I'm thinking the cables would be 5" apart going into the guides.

Is any one able to confirm for me ?


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Sorry Steve, promised to check this for you ages ago and forgot.....

.....so popped the GT6 up in the air just now and crawled under with a short, flexible ruler. Access and visibility aren’t great with the diff in situ, but I got 4.5” between cable centres at the point of entry to the guides. This is an original Roto car.....

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