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Hello from Salisbury


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Greetings to you all from Salisbury. As my name suggests, I don't have a Triumph, but a small and heavily modified Austin. 
After many years of sporadic activity, a very damaging divorce, working away etc, the time has finally come to pass that the little Austin A30 gets my full attention. With the "virus" lockdown in full swing, there is no excuse not to make progress.

The attached photo was taken this morning after it was dropped off at the blasters. It has sat many years in primer and this has allowed the brown pox to sneak past, so a clean sheet was called for. I also dug out the 16valve A-series engine and straight-cut Type 9 gearbox for some fettling prior to being put back in the car. 
Hope this is of interest to the assembled forum members and also hope it will be a hoot to drive when finished.

Cheers, Duncan



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