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2019 LeJog (photo heavy)


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Great pics - thanks! :smile:

Of some note, Bentley no 8, first in class 1, was crewed by Elliott and Charlotte who also compete in my local 12 Car rally series.  They were 2nd in our event last Wednesday to my 5th...... which in no way suggests I think I could remotely match their performance in Le Jog....... I'm not even nearly mad enough to try!

If the RBRR in a Vitesse convertible with a hard top hurts, I cannot imagine what Le Jog is like in a vintage Bentley with no roof....... in December.


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23 hours ago, PeteStupps said:

Lovely shots. Why do they do it in December though?!

I wondered why the RBRR was in October instead of a more summery month, until the sun came out on the Saturday morning and illuminated the autumn scenery. Plus, more importantly, the engine temp was never a worry. 

Plus there are less road snails about!

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