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Tyres for a modern....


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So our 2015 Golf GTE needs a new set of tyres, just passed the MOT with one down to 1.9mm (having it serviced at a main dealer at a ridiculous cost, I did at least get a video of the 'technician' measuring the tread depth)….
I was going to change them as although the car has only done 20000 miles and is 4 years old, the side walls have badly cracked, I guess the tyres could be at least 5 years old but still surprised how badly the tyres look. 20k seems to be a good life for a tyre on the GTE, Its heavy as its a hybrid and quite quick with lots of torque from the turbo 1.4L engine and  electric motor.

So the question is does any one have suggestions for new tyres? They are 225/40 R18 92W, the dealer wanted £176.00 for a new tyre!.
I can get a Pirelli P7 for £100 or much less for other makes. So looking for any recommendations.

BTW I love the car, its does about 65mpg, can be charged on from a 13A socket, it only has a 30 miles range on battery (good enough to go to town or shopping) on a warm day, 22 on a cold day.
In hybrid mode, and you drive it fast, then you quickly recharge the battery as the car regenerates whenever you brake.
In Cambridge, driving around the cyclists you can be very green, and then out of town press the GTE button and become a complete hooligan :)



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Damn great tyre for a not very big car.  What is the OE fitment?  The German car makers have a bad habit of having their own "special" tyre developed for the particular model though perhaps not down to Golf level.

BTW our (already well-used) TT came with Continental tyres which were horribly cracked in spite of being only around 6 years old.  The newest one (by 6 months) was also the worst cracked by far.  Put Dunlop Sport Bluresponse on that and very happy with them - doesn't look like they do your size though.  A6 has Toyos which I mostly like also I think they are not really man enough for it at the front as I have to run way higher pressures than book to stop the edges wearing fast.

Generally I reckon Dunlop and Michelin to be the best of the "premium" brands but I'm usually too mean to cough up for Michelin

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thanks Nick

yes far too big for the car but are original equipment.
Low profile tyres are rubbish on the roads around here as there are so many pot holes and speed bumps! But they were great in Shetland which has the best road surfaces I have every seen thanks to years of money from the oil that's unloaded there. For every barrel passing thru, Shetland gets a cut, so the whole island has excellent roads and very good community facilities. Its a shame the whole UK didn't benefit from the north sea oil.

Yes very surprised how badly the tyres are cracked, the date stamp is 1715 so are less than 5 years old, and are Bridgestones. 

Have to have a shop round.


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1 hour ago, mpbarrett said:

yes far too big

My A8 had almost the same size fitted (came with 245/40 r18 which I returned to the OE 245/45 R18). 

Hate really low profile tyres - harsh ride and vulnerable to instant death by pothole, sometimes taking the wheel out as well.  We've had a number a punctures (and a broken wheel) on our 12 Car rally series - all on moderns with low profile tyres, two of them with no spare wheels...…  Squirty-can totally bloody useless when there is a hole in the sidewall...…..

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Contrary to previous comments I've had good results with Continental on my Porsche Cayman daily.   They are 40 series on 18  inch rims and out here in the Cambridgeshire fens where the roads can be best described as tracks the ride is fine.  Check out Tyreleader for availability and prices as the are showing your size for between £80 - £90 delivered.


Pete Richards

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