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Help required before ordering new springs

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Yeah, meant to say that the braking issue was definitely sounding remote-servo related.  Assuming it’s original (ish) and where it’s always been it will be something home sticky from standing. If a new addition then consider that the mounting angle apparently matters. Be interested to hear how you do sorting this as the (new) servo on the GT6 has somewhat slow reflexes though more on the application side when you are trying to be a bit subtle....... nothing, nothing, nothing, bit more pressure whoa.... not that much.....

Don’t have any OE Girlings I’m afraid. Do have some repro ones..... if you need stuff weighted down and don’t want to use bricks......

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I tend to agree. First step will be to run it up the road and back with the vacuum disconnected and if that cures the issue then its a case of checking air valve and the mounting position. It was moved (not by me) to down the front in front of the radiator (hence the hot problem) so  I need to check out how he did it and possibly why. Under normal circumstances the servo lives on the passenger inner wing, but I,ve pinched that area now for other stuff! So getting it to work where it lives now would be optimal.  Although a counter argument would be putting it back where it was allows more air to the rad and helps solve that issue. I don't really know the history of the rad, which is basically a spitfire rad. I could pull it out and get it re-cored to 3 row I imagine if I need to. I'm trying to avoid doing stuff for no good reason though.

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@BumblebeeI have had this same issue before on a remote servo (twice in fact). In my case it was the hydraulic piston sticking in the cylinder bore rather than the air/vacuum circuit. Honing the bore and replacing the seal reduced the issue but I was never able to fully eliminate the problem. In this case it was an add on for the 6 cylinder Spitfire so I ended up going back to the standard un-servoed system.

I had a similar issue on the twin circuit brake master of the Scimitar many years ago not long after I got the car. The shuttle between the two circuits was sticking in the bore. I ended up having to replace the master cylinder with this one.

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