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Alan Yeo, AKA oldtuckunder

Nick Jones

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2 hours ago, Nick Jones said:

I agree that Alan would consider this worthy excuse :smile:  Suggest lifting a glass or two to him whilst there!

Hello Nick

                  It will be several as he was someone who offered us help when most needed when Spitty chewed up a drive shaft bearing on day 2 of a 3 week holiday in Spain and shipped a complete shaft out to us with NO MONEY changing hands just trust(that was the measure of the man!)

I wish I had known him more!

Still I will not be sprinting his Vitesse but hopefully it will see some interesting places


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2 hours ago, Hamish said:

I would have loved to show my respect in person But in the US. 

This virtual pause for thought will have to do for now.

i will raise a toast to him at our forth coming drivers meeting for the tr championship 



Given that there are more than a few of us who cannot make it, maybe Hamish could post up dates if some of the events he is attending in the first quarter next year?

Then we can select a suitable date and hold our own "Sideways" memorial, whilst cheering Hamish on??

(I say next year, because I will be away at sea until mid December!)



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