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The SS Minnow - Vespa PX200E

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Yep.  We had a case leak out of hotel quarantine (again), so Melbourne has been locked down for about a fortnight.  Should be mostly over this weekend if the number stay low.  75+ lawyers and staff across 4 firms all working from home on my slop chip, so it's less than fun when they figure that working from home = 24 hour, 7 day support. 

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Still a while before sealant time, but I'm glad you reminded me.  The shiny new cases are lovely, but the milled flanges show no particular signs of having been deburred.  With no gasket, I want to fa

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Seal is now driven into place and bonded with some 603 to guard against it spinning.



That was it for me today though.  The building owners at work chose winter to institute works to replace the roof.  What was supposed to be a 14 day project has now stretched to 6 weeks with no finish date in sight.  Frustratingly, the very first move made by the roofers was to remove the aircon and heating.  The place is currently positively arctic, and I've now come down with a head cold.  With the current protocols, that of course means staying isolated at home till I get a negative covid test.

Pity there's no sick pay when you're self employed, so I'll be WFH for a day or two. 

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Yep, wasn't worried, just cautious, Test results back in 7 hours, and back to work.  Weather's been very woolly!

Wanted to get on with assembly this afternoon at work, but lockdown has not been kind to my desk. 


So I got it back to the point where I could mostly see it.


Then I assembled my fancy new Italian primary drive.


An Loctited in the screws, which is much more civilized than the usual rivets.


Looks pretty doesn't it. 


It's made by Crimaz, I suspect translated as "Beautifully made, quality Italian parts which almost fit, every time".

I was planning to use my fancy crankshaft assembly tool to pull the crank in, but the threads are too fine for any of the adapters I have, (off to the lathe soon!), so I resorted to a blast on the bearing from the hot gun, and a squirt or two of freeze spray on the spindle.  With the frost wiped down and replaced with a smear of oil, they slid together and married up with a satisfying clunk.





Time to install the primary.


Which almost fitted.  But not quite.

The spindle is in the slot cut for fitting


And is almost all the way in


But the outside teeth for 3rd gear hit the casing at their cutout, just...IMG_0396.JPEG

and no amount of jiggling is getting it past.

So I'm going to have to relieve the casing slightly where it hits (Red), and check the width of the spindle slot too (green).


3 different manufactures involved, so no huge surprise, but annoying nonetheless.



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16 minutes ago, GT6MK3 said:

quality Italian parts which almost fit, every time

Just like the majority (it seems) of aftermarket parts.  Irritating, but not surprising.  Looks fixable without undue effort though?

Imagine your desk..... pre-tidy..... on the scale of my garage....:blink::ohmy:  I don't have to imagine it unfortunately :pinch: It's not pretty.  Mostly my fault...... but not entirely!

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Ah yes, but this was all my own work, I have no junior associates to pin the blame on with management.

More progress today.  Massive wrapping and taping of anything with a bearing, followed by some dremel work to relieve the case.  Then lots of washing out of swarf.


Primary now fits


Nifty new tool to fit the loose needle bearings without them spraying everywhere


Works a treat


And despite the wafer thin tolerances on the back side


It spins nicely


So in with the oil flinger


and the driveshaft bearing


Time to pull in the driveshaft


And this half is ready.


On to the flyside

Driveshaft bearing in


O ring in for the kickstart


Kick start quadrant and buffers in.  They were fun...


And Kickstart gear spring in place ready for the cases to marry up.


Getting close.


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On reflection, I just couldn't risk the primary rubbing on the case.

So out came the gearing.  Looking at the case, there are witness marks on the risers that are machined away from the clutch opening.


So out came multiple layers of tape, cloth, more tape, more cloth, more tape, cellophane wrap and glue.


The position of them made it hard to get a tool in, but by being really cautious with the power file, I was able to lower them to a better level.


Not the prettiest work, but given their position I was just happy not to damage anything else.  Unwrapping was a 5 layer process, dusting off any swarf as I went, and the last 2 layers were nice and clean.

Primary now has plenty of room.


Now I'm waiting for a replacement oversize o-ring which is in Germany today, but might just be in Aus at the end of the week if the UPS gods smile.

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