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Overdrive switch terminals

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I'm trying to wire the OD - switch in the gear knob, but the terminals of the Lucas switch don't seem to match the the small connectors of the wire, that goes through the gear lever.

Any hints?



OD switch.png

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Slightly different from originals which had round holes. Same problem though. You need to strip some of the heat shrink off, then hopefully the plug will go down into the hole and the slot in it will go over the contact. You may need to open the slot a little.

Next problem is that the plugs supplied are often too long and stick out too far for the cap to fit on the knob......

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Thanks a lot for the hints, Nick

Always impressed by the nonchalance they sell crap under brand names like Lucas, TRW etc

At least the part specialists could could specify the harnesses such that they fit the terminals.

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another couple of tips, even when you have sorted plugs and terminals that will mate. its still fiddly. i carefully smoothed around the hole intothe gear stick and slid a bit of sleeve over the wires, if you can confidently pull the wires up an extra inch or so it can make all the difference, likewise undo the locking collar under the knob all the way an extra bit of wiggle roomalways helps.



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