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Greetings from the Register and Notts.


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Just Joined on here, I am also on the TR Register and heard about this great site.

I have restored a Tr5 in the past and at the moment have another Tr5 Project that is limping along.

I am keen to have a good look around the many Forum headings and see what is going on.

Cheers,  Conrad. 

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15 minutes ago, openroad said:

Hi Hamish , I recognise you from the Register,  I saw you car at Race Retro on the TR Enterprises stand. Although I don't think we have met, but thanks for saying Hello.

Hi Tom,  TR4 Tom, please remind me. 

Cheers Conrad. 

I was on the TRE stand at race retro too.... all weekend :)


Tom from Blidworth :)

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Hi Nick. Yes sore point and Raw....I haven't been able to touch the car yet,I got it back in December  !!!   but it has now had two professional assessments and I am hoping to move forward soon...

By moving forward, the prognosis is to totally dismantle all that has been done and to start from ground up again...hugely disappointing  and having already paid for that to be done, I now have to pay again.....it's not going to beat me though, I can assure you of that.

Cheers Conrad. 

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