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Hi Steve,

Great to hear from you :smile:. Are you still in north Devon?

Not aware of any big Ts in particular right now but I’ll certainly keep an eye out. What sort of budget? Mk1 or 2?

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Hi Nick,

Yes, I'm still in Bideford, seem to have settled here with work and life.

I'd prefer a MkI for the body style, steel thickness and interior but then again, the MkII probably has the stronger engine. 

Top budget of about £7k

This is the car I saw yesterday, cover sills, filler trying to pop off, an interior that has seen water ingress recently and generally tired inside put me off it, but perhaps that's right for the money?

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Prices are certainly on the up.

That doesn’t look horrible, but maybe the pictures flatter it. I note there are none of the interior.....

If the major structures plus wheel arches were truly solid apart from the sills, then a little haggling and getting the sills properly sorted might do it? Looks like the door bottoms might have seen work?

Pre 74 cars seem to rot slightly less due to better steel (true of Dolomites too).

You need to try and get in touch with Andy Harrison who is based near Crediton. There is also a guy called Les Brice who lives near Tiverton who usually has a couple of decent ones about. He doesn’t do bargains though...

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