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Reliant Kitten Commuter!

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Well Roger just completed his first big commute from camp in Devon to home in Scotland. 500 miles with 50mpg achieved and I've still not sorted the fueling yet. Only issue was the rear right hand tyre kept loosing pressure. I've now swapped it for the spare but will get it fixed this week. Then on Friday its time to Drive back again!!!! Just an oil top up for engine, diff and gearbox to do and a quick valve clearance check. Very happy with the car. More to come.

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I progressed to a brand new kitten in the mid 70s via the regal and robin route, Loved it at first but on a trip to the lake district the oil scavenger pipe fell out of the block and the engine almost seized. The bottom end was repaired but after that I had to keep replacing head gaskets even after scimming the the head. The coolant would be forced out of the radiator overflow, there would no initial overheating and no water in the engine oil. Never did cure this so gave up and bought a new toyota starlet. No problems with that. The other problem I or the Reliant dealer could not cure was water getting into the brakes even on a moderately wet road. Bit late replying just some late night memories

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