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It's Been A While...


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Hey Gerard,


congrats for the birth of the cutest of all Jasmins!



My wife, Gilles and myself  really enjoyed watching "Disco Pants". 

Amazing what cool and crazy stuff you guys end up producing in the middle of the  Ardennes...




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Five and a half year on...
Jasmin will start school next week. Time flies.
I'm sat here in Vestsjælland, Denmark though I don't know for how long. Getting a decent job if you're not called Lars or Jens seems impossible, so I may return to Luxembourg.
The old Triumph is sadly rotting in a friends French garden, I have the time and space here, but not the money to do anything about it. T'was ever thus, always one of the three missing.

Jazzy and I.jpg

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Didn't realise it was that long. No more hooning in Europe for me due to the British voting public.  I presume I was right in my assumption that it was you who commented on my Cadwell Park video. Best of luck in the future.

Pete Richards

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