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Default Double Spaced Lines


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Is it me, or has something made this site default on double line spacing?

When written, this post is single spaced.

But when it appears on the board it will be double spaced.

I've just looked at this post and brought it back to edit, because it looks like 1.5 line spacing.

I posted about this becasue there is ndefinirte doible spacing in replies, so I try replying to my own post as well.

If the Admin wants this, so be it, but it makes even a short post look like War & Peace.


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I don't really see it as much of an issue, it appears to be a bug in the forum software. Using the larger sized fonts in that post will accentuate it.


It seems to have a large padding around a paragraph, using the larger font it will increase the size of the paragraph and the padding around it, i can have a look, but not sure its worth the effort, anyone else notice it as an issue?


Is jimes picture too big for your screen john? it looks fine on mine but depending on your screen resolution it may look too large. That is something we can change, craig turned off resizing to thumbnails but we could resize it down to a viewable size for everyone.

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A lot depends on how your browser handles returns.

This is single spaced out of a Mac on Safari.


Now an edit.


Now an edit with the full editor.


Now an edit to add a 2.7Mb 2880x4320 .jpg


Now an edit to add a 3504x2336 1.92mb .jpg (motor racing content this time...)



I've checked this on 7 browsers, using 2 users and 4 operating systems, and can't get it to fail, including my iPhone.


The images re-size to fit the screen, and are automatically resized during the upload to about 1/10ht of their original size.


Maybe it's time to clear your cache and try again John?



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Ah! So! I did use a larger font early in that post, but returned to normal for the rest.


jimes' pic was an odd size, 2016x1134 and I saw it on screen with only the left half showing.

The "air-boarding" pic cheats, as it's in vertical format. (Fantastic pic though! Is that you?)

But it's 2880x4320 and 2.7Mb??????

If that means we have an automatic compression filter on the board, then it was the 'cinerama' format of jimes' pic that foxed it.


Thanks for your immediate attention to this trivial matter!



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