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Subaru / Datsun Differential In Spitfire Rear Plate

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Can send as gift to any one making purchase.

I currently have a batch of 10 sets scheduled, (hence the lower price) castings being machine this week, spring & base plate should be with me in 2 - 3 weeks time.

many small changes and improvements compared to the original NZ design i had made 3 years ago.

Based on replies to date only 5 sets left. 

So please confirm ASAP, as my window closes early next week to extend the order qty.  



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Hi Steve,

thought I would post up here the photos I have of a 3.08 Subaru diff. The back plate has significantly different mounting holes to the "normal" R160 diff. However the main difference for us is the distinct lack of bolt holes around the axle entry.








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